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Membership price $100 for 6 months access to room 24K.
Membership comes with:

1. Access to private dining booking calendar for your dining experience

2. All dining experience packages will come with Unlimited Complimentary Wine and Champagne.

3. all packages will also come with unlimited entrees and a Togo meal.

Grilled Jerk King Fish, Asparagus Sauteed In A Lemon Butter Garlic White Wine Sauce, Fried Pound Plantains Sprinkled Wt Himalayan Pink Sea Salt & Roasted Mashed Potatoes
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How it work once you're a member.
Step 1. Login Book a date & time for your dining experience , all bookings are 100% private one to one with your chef and hostess.

Step 2.Click on Dining Preferences, then select the Option of items you like, items you don't like and ones you're allergic to. Now that your Dining Preferences are all set up will create a perfect menu for your dining experience.

Step 3. Two hours before your booking you will receive your door access code via text message and your check-in confirmation QR.

Step 4. Leave a review, to ensure that we keep fine-tuning your experience
Who we are
Room 24K is a technology hospitality group specializing in exclusive experiences and luxurious hideouts with futuristic technology. Hidden right off the busy Fulton St in Brooklyn. We've created a private dining environment that is 100% cashless & modern.
Why Members Only
By keeping our circle tight we can ensure only the best clientele gets in. We believe that great minds think alike and that is why new members can join only if they have been hand selected by an existing member. Room 24K provides an original dining experience with a luxurious taste. Our menu changes every 3-7 days to give you a different cuisine and flavor by some of the best chefs in the country. We want to make sure our members can step out of crowded New York for a moment and enjoy an exclusive experience.
Frequently Asked Questions
What makes Room 24K different?
Experience, experience, experience is the key to unlocking a treasure for your palate. Room24K's aim is to provide you with a gold standard dining experience.
Where is Room 24K?
Brooklyn, NY. For more details ask a current keyholder of 24K. They are usually located where greatness aspires to be.
Who do I contact for more information?
A keyholder will bring you in if they see that you fit the Room 24K experience.
Contact Us: 212-365-0736
Address: 10 Herkimer st Brooklyn NY 11216
Made with Pride in New York City
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